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Win a Copy of Climate Cover Up

If you are interested in a free copy of DeSmogBlog’s new book on Astroturf by corporate lobbyists, answer the question below correctly by leaving your answer plus your name and address as a comment to this blog post.

Using fake grassroots organizations and funding third-party groups to say things you might not want to say yourself has been a tactic used by less-than-ethical public relations practitioners for many years. In his new book, 35-year public relations veteran Jim Hoggan speaks out against so-called Astroturf and other tactics that are being used to undermine democracy.

The book is called  Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming. It chronicles the history of unethical PR through the years, using the attack on climate change science as the most relevant, contemporary example.

Quiz Question: The American Petroleum Institute increased its lobbying budget by what percent in the second quarter of 2009, relative to 2008?

A: 82%

B: 57%

C: 97%

D: 34%

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