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An Oldie, but Goodie…

This is one of the most interesting pieces of litter I have found in the past year. But I need an ottoman and a pillow for my back, too. Pair it with the plastic bag chair mentioned in the post below, and you have a living room set.

What motivates someone to dump a couch on the side of the road?

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Happy New Year

PlanetTrash makes lots of New Year Resolutions and keeps some of them. In 2008, we will use a library card instead of buying books. Mostly we buy MP3s, which eliminates some plastic. We are continuing to say NO to plastic bags. We bought one item at Walgreen’s today and declined the plastic bag to carry it to the car. Very soon, our newspaper subscription will expire, and we will eliminate over half of what we take to the recycling bins.

Make a small change in your life: gradually learn to reuse, reduce and recycle. Don’t be like the miscreant who dumped this couch by Interstate 40W.


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