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Recycle Used Clothing and Household Goods

MoreJunk_1953Clothing_1955Besides being a huge eyesore, nothing makes me madder than seeing usable clothing and household goods dumped in the environment. My mother always gave our used household goods to a family less fortunate than our family. We give our discarded clothing and household items to Goodwill.

In this economy, I am saddened to see such a waste. Hey, I could have used the plastic coat hangers.

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Construction Trash

I’ve shown pictures of trash and garbage at construction sites many times on this blog. I found this trash interesting at the abandoned (?) Travis Trace site. The water pipes were filled with boxes, clothing and a cooler.

I’m continuing my pick up of plastic bottles when I walk or run. Tonight, I picked up three off the streets of the Riverwalk and Lexington Point subdivisions. I’ll total the number of bottles I pick up at the end of the summer. Now this isn’t an organized clean up. I just do a walk and pick up as many plastic bottles as I can carry. And these aren’t my bottles.

Please, let’s keep plastic out of the waterways.

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