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Dirty Rags

DirtyRag_1722I often fantasize (or fear) that dirty rags left in the environment such as this one may be related to a crime. I would never touch an item just in case.

I wish people would clean up after themselves.

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Clothes are Sometimes Trash

No, not the kind Britney Spears wears. The kind I find on the street, like this:

I’ve always found clothes while I’m walking, running or cycling. The only thing I ever brought home was a Tennessee Titans baseball cap. It was quite new and held up perfectly after I washed it.

At first, I thought that the above clothing was tossed to the side, while moving a lawn or walking. When no one picked it up for a few days, I assumed it was just dumped. Please take unneeded clothes to Goodwill or cut them up and use as cleaning rags.

Don’t litter.

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