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Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

CigButts_1327Since becoming involved with Keep America Beautiful, I have started a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in Hillsboro Village. Today, I did the preliminary scan walking from the post office on Acklen to 21st to Belcourt and back to the post office on Acklen. I counted 400 plus cigarette butts on the sidewalks. Most were in front of Fido’s and Jackson’s. Fido’s has a cigarette ash receptacle in front of their coffee shop, but it was overflowing.

When I initially walked the area two weeks ago, I noticed that the cigarette ash receptacle was full.

My next step will be to talk with the restaurant and bar owners in the village to see if they will distribute portable cigarette ashtrays.

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Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

While this blog primarily points out the ugliness of litter, I try to promote its prevention, too. The day I photographed this cigarette butt on the side of the street, I found at least a dozen butts within a tenth of a mile. And this is a residential street, where children feel safe enough to ride their bicycles and skateboards.

Cigarette butts and smoking have always bothered me. I remember the blue fog that engulfed our living room as a child, as Daddy puffed the evening away and watched television.

In college, I decided to take up smoking during a dorm drinkfest. I bought a pack of cigarettes, which took me two weeks to finish. I detested the smell on my fingers and body. I had tried the cigs as a child either sampling a butt or stealing a cigarette out of a pack Daddy left at home. Fortunately, I hated it and never developed the habit.

Recently at the Keep America Beautiful affiliates conference in Atlanta, I learned about the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program from Bronwen Evans, a program manager for KAB.

Since cigarette smoking has been banned from most public buildings (YEAH!), more butts are being tossed on the ground. The KAB encourages businesses to put butt disposal receptacles in front of their businesses. When a neighborhood or downtown area has receptacles, the number of butts carelessly tossed on the streets is reduced.

I can’t decide if I like the items at left or not. These are portable cigarette ashtrays that the KAB hands out to smokers. I hope smokers use them. About the size of a child’s change purse, the ashtray should hold two or three butts.

I’m going to take the two that I brought back from the conference and give them to smokers in the office building where I work. The official smoking area is on Parking Level Seven, a place I’ve never before ventured. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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