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Clean Up Bellevue Day This Saturday

The Bellevue Exchange Club will be sponsoring a clean up this Saturday, November 1 from 8 a.m. until noon. Some of the items accepted at the Bellevue Center campus will be large items, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, household batteries and cell phones. There will be a shredder for confidential papers, and a Goodwill truck for useable items.

Volunteers will assemble for roadside clean up during the morning. The Bellevue Rotary Club, Bellevue Community Church and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce are also assisting in the effort.

I will be participating and bringing some household batteries and fluorescent tubes for disposal.

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What to Do with a Discarded Cell Phone

I waited forever to buy my first cell phone. During the mid-90s, I got stranded away from home in a surprise, Nashville-paralyzing snowstorm and decided that a cell phone would be a handy tool to have after all. I could have kept in touch with my spouse during my four-hour slide home.

Now, I don’t own a landline phone. I know that I have been through at least five cell phones since I bought that first one. The average life of a cell phone is 1.5 years, but I probably keep mine 2-3 years. I’m not into the latest and greatest as you can see from my current cell phone at left.

If you have a drawer full of old cell phones, here’s a link to the Keep America Beautiful Wipe Out Wireless Waste site. I’ve always donated mine to organizations that can reuse them or recycle them. Let’s keep them out of the landfills and the waterways.

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Cell Phones are Hazardous Trash

Leaving a cell phone behind while you’re playing in the dry creek rock bed is not a good idea. Why?

1. Mom will call and no one will answer.

2. Some pervert will use it to find out where you live.

3. The rain will wash it down river.

4. If it rings (or plays some obnoxious tune), the birds and the possums will be confused.

5. Cell phones contain environmental hazards like batteries.

While I was tempted to pick up the phone and call the ICE (in case of emergency) number, if one were listed, I didn’t. I hope that the absent-minded human who left it will return for it. If the phone had appeared to have been there for days, I might have tossed it in the trash.

And I’m always reluctant to disturb some things left behind just in case, it’s part of a crime scene.

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