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Banana Peel Is Trash

Banana_1875I used to think that it was okay to toss organic garbage such as this banana peel on the ground, but it is considered littering.

Plus this banana peel is heading for the water supply.

Read what the Brits do to banana peel litterers.


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Every Bite Is Pure Joy

PureJoy_1712When I first began photographing the trash I find for my PlanetTrash blog, I always took pictures of McDonald’s litter because there was so much of it around.

Later I read that McDonald’s trash is the most common in Britain. I agree that it is the most common fast food litter that I find.

I have not photographed any McDonald’s litter in quite a while. I could not resist photograghing this bag because of the tagline: Every Bite Is Pure Joy.

Every bite of the honeydew melon I ate earlier today was pure joy. I do not associate pure joy with any food item from McDonalds.

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