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Why Bottled Water Is Bad

Besides the large amount of plastic products it creates, here are more reasons from the Environmental Defense Fund newsletter, Solutions, why we shouldn’t drink bottled water:

  • Clean, drinkable water flows straight from the tap.
  • Production of the 30 billion plastic bottles that entered the waste stream in 2006 (fewer than 20% were recycled) used the equivalent of 17 million barrels of oil and created 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Three gallons of water were wasted for every gallon bottled.
  • Bottled water costs 1000 times more than tap water.
  • Bottled water standards may be weaker.
  • Manufacturing and shipping a one-liter Fiji bottled water produces half a pound of global warming pollution and uses almost seven times as much water as the bottle contains.
  • Reusable plastic containers can be linked to health problems.
  • Water filters work on removing many common contaminants from tap water.

We have used a Brita water pitcher for years. I am concerned about the filter which I monthly throw into the trash. I wish that those could be recycled.

Thanks to the Environmental Defense Fund for supplying these pertinent facts about bottled water.

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Out of the Car, Into the Drain, Into the Stream and Into Your Water


As we sat at a stoplight earlier today, I noticed a storm drain clogged with plastic and aluminum cola cans, paper, styrofoam and lots of cigarette butts. Wastes shouldn’t go into storm drains because the drains empty into rivers where we eventually get our water. As I blog, I’m sipping hot tea, made with tap water that was also put through a Brita filter. I hope that the tars from the cigarette butts have been removed. They are poisonous.

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