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Thank You, Belmont University

This is exciting Earth Day news from The Tennessean:

In a move it hopes will keep plastic out of the landfills and a
little more cash in students’ pockets, Belmont University is about to
ban the sale of all bottled water on campus.

Starting May 16, students will either have to belly up to the campus’s free,
filtered water fountains on campus or buy their bottled water
elsewhere. Bottled water will be banned from campus stores and vending

“We’re hoping this is a small behavioral change that will get students
thinking about other changes they can make in their own lives” to
affect the environment, said Judy Skeen, professor of religion and head
of Belmont‘s Environmental Initiative.

Skeen ticked off the benefits of asking students to drink from reusable
Nalgene or aluminum bottles, rather than disposable plastic:

“Bottled water is shockingly expensive to the consumer and the environment,” she
said. “And given what we know about the quality of water from the tap
and in the bottle, it’s completely unnecessary. Recycling the bottles
doesn’t solve the larger problem of excessive resources needed to
produce and transport something that is solely a convenience. “

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More on Gas Crisis, Day Five

Tonight, I passed six gas stations in Bellevue. One had gas; another had the lowest octane gas; the others were on empty. My tank still has just under 3/5 of a tank.

Both Presidential candidates will be here in a couple of weeks to debate at Belmont University. I heard tonight that the locals will be kept out; the audience is being flown in; hand-picked; whatever. Belmont has had a sign posted for many months that the road to the White House goes through Nashville. Let’s hope that they drive Hybrids.

Barack, we need gasoline.

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