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Fruit Is Litter, Too

AppleCore_1738I saw several eaten and half eaten apples and a banana peel recently. Although it is organic and can be eaten by wildlife, it is litter. It is bad because wildlife is attracted by the food and can become pests. Next time, put it in your compost pile or dispose of it properly.

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Is Food Trash?

Food is bad as trash because wild animals can become dependent upon it. I feed the birds in my yard with seed, water and nectar for the hummingbirds. I’ve tossed out apple cores because I know that mockingbirds love them. Is this right? Am I littering?

I wasn’t particularly happy about the remnants of this hot wing I found in my neighborhood. I know that scavengers as possums or meat eaters as coyotes will clean it up. But I don’t want to encourage possums and coyotes any closer to my house than they already are.

Do possums like hot wings? Would a coyote go into Prince’s Hot Chicken and order the extra hot?

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