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Why Do Southerners Toss More Trash?

Is it the Northerners who have moved here?

Here’s a depressing story from the Florence, Ala., Times Daily. Mississippi is the worst state for litter according to the study. Others in the top ten are Alabama, Nevada, Arkansas, West Virginia, Louisiana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

How did Nevada make the list? I’ve been to Reno and Tahoe, but it was before my days of monitoring litter. I don’t remember large amounts of trash. I was just in New Mexico and saw some trash, but not as much as other places.

Maybe the south leads litter because of the tailgating from college football.

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Plastic Bags in the News

USA Today this morning has a front page story called Tide turns against use of plastic bags. And, no, Alabama friends and fans, it’s not about the Crimson Tide.

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