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Building a Hotel from Trash

I saw this story on television, now it has made it to print. This trend of constructing buildings from trash should continue.

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Building Houses from Trash

I’ve always wondered if this could be done from the scraps I find on the roadside. And yes, a Texas builder is building homes from trash at very low prices. I love it.

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Dogs Don’t Litter

I love this letter from the How true!

Wednesday, 13th October 2010

Why no dogs when humans litter more?

Anthea Peschel, Sliema

I get so confused when I go to places like parks and gardens or even beaches. The signs say “No dogs” and I ask why! Why do people complain so about animals?

They should actually say “no humans” as I see more human litter and rubbish in these parks, gardens and beaches, actually everywhere. Why shouldn’t dogs be allowed to have a nice walk or swim with their owners? Their waste could easily be picked up but human litter isn’t.

This weekend my partner and I went for a walk in a local park and all we could see was unwanted shoes, fans, bottles and a mattress hidden behind a tree. So I ask: Why are dogs not allowed in and why are humans allowed to litter? It makes no sense at all.

Another disgrace was in Delimara next to the beach: a whole carpet of plastic and broken glass bottles and unwanted rubbish such as car tyres and seats. Which will all be dragged into the sea in the rough weather. So this is all allowed but dogs are not allowed in parks! Ridiculous, if I may say.

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Shred Day in Nashville

Vickie from Metro Public Works asked me to let all my peeps know that Shred Day is scheduled.

Protect yourself, fight crime and be GREEN at the same time!!

OCTOBER 16TH, 2010
10:00am- 1:00pm

Take the first step in protecting yourself from identity theft crimes. Your old personal documents will be instantly destroyed by a Shred-it high speed, mobile, cross shredder
All shredded material will be recycled so you will also help protect the environment!
All proceeds from your $5 per box donation will benefit Nashville Crime Stoppers Inc., a 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit organization working with local law enforcement to solve serious crimes in your community.


Improper use of prescription medication should be a concern to everyone. Metro police officers will be on site to collect the prescription medications you no longer need and properly dispose of them to protect our environment.

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Litter in Ireland

I read this morning that 45% of litter in Ireland is cigarette wastes. If smokers would dispose of their cigarettes properly, litter would drop dramatically there.

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Those British!

Since I’m mostly unemployed and I pick up litter, I find this story in the Mirror intriguing. The new Tory government will make the unemployed pick up litter for their dole.

I would love to be paid to pick up litter because it is the right thing to do.

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No Trash Left Behind

I’m envious of this couple who only have trash about once a year.

“I mean, essentially you buy garbage. So when you’re paying your hard-earned dollars, why spend it on something you’ll have to throw away?” Naomi Mihilewicz

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Happy Earth Day

I’ve been working this week and have not been able to celebrate Earth Day, but I really celebrate Earth Day everyday. I try to do as little harm as possible to the planet all the time.

I was an extra in a movie in Nashville this year, and I was disappointed at the amount of trash the set produced. I’m glad to read the following AP story:

Hollywood studios cut trash production

(AP) – 1 day ago

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood is producing less trash these days — 40 million pounds less.

The Solid Waste Task Force says major movie studios collectively diverted 66 percent of studio sets and other solid waste from landfills in an industrywide effort to be more environmentally friendly.

MPAA President Bob Pisano said Wednesday the joint effort by the Motion Picture Association of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has reached “an all-time high” in recycling and reusing since it began in the early 1990s.

Disney will donate of a portion of ticket sales for its new film “Oceans” to support coral reef conservation. Fox is marking Earth Day’s 40th anniversary and the DVD release of “Avatar” with a pledge to plant a million trees around the world by the end of 2010.

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Pay More for More Trash?

If you live in the urban area of Nashville, you could be paying more for trash pick up if you have a lot of garbage. Read about in The Tennessean. This policy has been adopted in other cities, and I’m glad to see Nashville joining the program.

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Newspaper Circulars

I have written many times on my blog about the problem of newspaper circulars being thrown onto driveways and not picked up by the homeowners. Locally, The Tennessean puts these in plastic bags, which I usually find clogging the storm drains or left to decompose in the street. In Atlanta, the Journal-Constitution has been charged with breaking the litter law. Read this online report from

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