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Balancing a Sustainable Life Style

Here is a great article from AlterNet about one person’s quest to be sustainable in our unsustainable world.

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Cereal Bag Liners (Who Needs Them; You Do)

Thanks to Cool People Care for sharing this link about what to do with cereal bag liners. I try to reuse everything I can.

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Gaylord Nelson

Here is a tribute to Gaylord Nelson, who founded the first Earth Day in 1970.

Thanks for the vision and the action to do something to save the Earth.

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Reducing Your Electric Bill

Nashville Electric Service has joined with TVA to offer In-Home Energy Evaluations for residents of Davidson County.

The program has been promoted in Council District 18 and has been well received. Anyone in the NES service area is eligible. For a fee of $150, experts will come to your home and make recommendations to make your home more energy efficient. If you implement their suggestions, the $150 fee will be reimbursed. Plus there are programs in place to reimburse homeowners for portions of the improvement costs.

There is a $500 cash incentive for installing Energy Star replacement windows in your home. For easy fixes, $250 will be reimbursed for pre-approved improvements such as self installed insulation, caulk and weather striping.

For more information, call 866.441.1430.

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Ways to Be Green (And Some Are Easy)

When I received this book, True Green Life in 100 Everyday Ways, from National Geographic, I assumed that I would know all the ways to be green. After all, living green has been my lifestyle for years.

Wrong! Even long time greenies can learn something from this manual. Plus each suggestion is a gentle reminder of how small things are still important in living green.

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Carbon Neutral Blog

carbon neutral offers and shopping with

A German group has a goal to contribute their part in reducing the carbon footprint by raising awareness of the severe environmental damage caused by carbon emissions. One of their activities is to raise awareness of the carbon emissions resulting from the use of the internet – specifically of blogs. A blog with 15,000 visits a month has a yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 8lb. To neutralise these emissions they have created “My blog is carbon neutral” buttons so bloggers can demonstrate that they care about the environment and the
carbon footprint of their blogs. They present them as a small but nontheless worthy solution to contribute to environmental issues. Their idea is to show possibilities to make a contribution to protect the environment.

To find out how you can participate please visit

And how do they actually neutralize your blog’s carbon footprint? They are planting trees in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest in Northern California for our project to neutralize the carbon footprint of blogs. Thousands of wildfires burned down many national forests over the past ten years and 88.000 acres of Plumas’
were destroyed by two fires in 2007. To help replanting we need the support of bloggers all over the world! For every participating blog they plant a tree. One blog – one tree.

They are a German based company called kaufDA, which
provides advertisement brochures of local stores online to help
consumers search for specific products and find good deals in their neighborhood. This reduces the amount of brochures printed and so the project helps the environment by reducing unnecessary paper in mailboxes. An American on average receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year. This has the same carbon footprint as burning six gallons of gasoline.

They’ll be glad to plant your tree! Help us and show that you care! Every tree counts!

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Good News from My Alma Mater

This is great news from the Tennessean this morning:

KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee‘s flagship campus is riding a green wave that is sweeping across campuses nationally.


UT-Knoxville has ramped up its recycling efforts. It has rolled out an extensive energy savings and carbon reduction program. And it is encouraging staff and students to ride the bus and turn off the lights.

Some university programs are even incorporating environmental awareness into the curriculum — notably, the UT College of Architecture and Design.

“By end of next academic year, every course in their college will have a sustainability component,” UT spokesman Jay Mayfield told the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Some peer pressure is involved. Colleges are now being ranked on their eco-enlightenment by the Sierra Club, the College Sustainability Report Card and the survey-based Princeton Review.

“It seems to be the students that are pushing this movement,” said David Soto, the Princeton Review’s director of college ratings.

UT-Knoxville scored 85 out of a possible 100 in the Princeton Review and received a “B” on the College Sustainability report card. It was not one of the 135 institutions included on the Sierra Club list.

The university compares well with other large Southern institutions, Mayfield said.

“We pay attention to the rankings, but I think the concern is much more evaluating against ourselves and trying to improve our operations,” he said.

Last year, UT’s College of Architecture and Design announced the goal of being a carbon-neutral design campus by 2010. The initiative promised to incorporate “the elimination or reduction of the need for fossil fuel as a central tenet in its design education.”

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