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Please Clean Up After Yourselves

DecorativeStone_1924Whenever I mulch, plant flowers or seed the yard, I always hate cleaning up the mess of flower containers and plastic bags, which are left. But I always pick up the trash afterwards. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors did not clean up after adding all purpose stones to their landscaping.


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Hot Dog Cover?

ClearPlastic_1878Again, folks, pick up your trash in the neighborhood. Does the inside of your home have trash tossed around.


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Out, Damn Plastic, Out

PlasticTrash_1872Plastic is my least favorite kind of trash to find in the environment. This piece of plastic has a paper towel keeping it company. Why?

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Plastic Bottles in Trash Illegal in North Carolina Tomorrow

This is great news. I wish every state and country would do this:


Starting Thursday, it will be illegal to put plastic soda or water bottles in the trash in North Carolina.

Beginning Oct. 1, all plastic bottles must be recycled. The state is also banning oil filters and wooden pallets from landfills.

North Carolina recovers less than one out of every five plastic bottles generated in the state, despite having some of the largest processors of the bottles.

The new ban is intended to boost the recovery of bottles, in large part to meet the growing demand for the materials.

“Widespread compliance with the plastic bottle disposal ban will ensure a flow of plastic bottles to meet market demand for the materials and will result in additional job creation through the expansion of recycling collection companies,” said Scott Mouw, environmental supervisor for the state Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance.”

The Town of Spring Hope is asking residents to make as better effort of recycling plastic bottles. Residents who do not have recycling bins should call the town at 478-5186 to request one. Only about 25 percent of residents currently recycle.

The Town of Bailey is starting a recycling program on Thursday. Bailey attempted to have a recycling program a couple of years ago, but residents did not use the service in sufficient numbers to keep the program going.

Bailey has contracted with Waste Industries to pick up recyclable materials. Ten 60-gallon blue carts will be placed off Vance Street at Jackson Street behind the old Bailey Appliance and Hardware building.

The carts, which are for recycling only, will be emptied each Wednesday.

In a letter to Bailey residents, town clerk Becky Smith said materials may be mixed in the recycling bins. Items that are recyclable include newspapers, glass (clear, brown, and green), aluminum and bimetal cans, plastic containers (all containers with a neck smaller than the body of the container that will accepts a screw top, snap cap, or other closure, not including motor oil or pesticide containers), mixed paper such as copy paper, notebook paper, junk mail, and shoe, soap, and cereal boxes, and magazines with slick, shiny paper.

A 50-cent per month recycling fee will be added to all Bailey utility customers beginning with bills that will be mailed Oct. 30.

Even though the new law allows for a range of administrative and/or civil penalties for violation, it is unlikely that businesses or individuals will be penalized as neither the state nor municipalities have enough money to fully enforce the rule.

However, the state will have inspectors checking transfer stations to look for violations.

Nash County lags far behind in the rate of plastic recycling. Orange County leads the state with a recovery rate of more than 29 pounds of plastic bottles per person each year. In comparison, Nash County recovers just 1.94 pounds per person.

The plastic ban is expected to help the state’s environment as well. According to the North Carolina Department of Environment and natural Resources, if all the plastic bottles generated in the state were recycled, more than 2.4 billion plastic bottles would be kept out of landfills each year.

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But Where Is My Fork?

As I was walking last night, I found a plastic spoon and a plastic knife, although they do not match. Both are harmful to the environment:


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Plastic Bag on Fence

PlasticBag_1658I admit that I find fewer plastic bags flying around than I used to find.

This Lowe’s bag was stuck in a fence in the Lexington Point subdivision. I freed it and disposed of it properly.

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A Cushion for the Grass

seatcushion_1652Tonight I was walking by the entrance of the Lexington Point subdivision, and I noticed a chair seat cushion on the grass.

Did it fall out of a truck loaded with furniture being moved to a new location? Did it blow off a patio in the neighborhood?

I hope someone reclaims it before it is damaged, or I toss it in the garbage.

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