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When Plastic is not Recyclable

What do you do with plastic bags that are not made of recyclable materials? Here are some suggestions from the morning newspaper (which is recyclable).

Of course, I read the news online.

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Los Angeles Says No Plastic Bags

This is great news from Los Angeles about plastic bags. I hope the momentum explodes.

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Plastic Bag

This is absolutely brilliant. I was captivated from the first to the last minute of the short film. I feel guilty about using plastic bags for dog poop in my pet sitting business. Plastic bags do not go away just because someone put dog poop in it. I knew that. I was in denial.

I love the end of the film as I was reminded by the plastic bag of the main character in Simone de Beauvoir’s All Men Are Mortal.

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Support a Movie about Plastic Bags

Stephen Troy, a filmmaker in Massachusetts, is raising funds to make a film about the overuse of plastic bags. He claims that the movie will be “short, ridiculous, and memorable, and will hopefully be seen all over the country.”

Donate at

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Time’s The Perils of Plastic

There is a great article in Time magazine (April 12, 2010) about the dangers of plastics. It is a must read. Plastics are everyone in our lives. But are there dangers to our health?

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A Still Life: Bottle With Leaves


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Some Fair and Balanced News

D.C. is now BYOB (bring your own bag) in this news report from FOX News.

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