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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

When I first started this blog, I was amazed learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Here is a new article from the Miami Herald about plans to start cleaning it up next year. Of course, we need to take stringent methods to avoid adding plastics to it.

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Kon-tiki to Plastiki

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will soon be visited by this sailor.

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Keep Our Waters Clean

Storm drains are for rain water to flow into our rivers, which enter our oceans. Whenever I see trash such as this coin purse and this mangled plastic bottle, I remove it.


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Standing up to a flood of trash

Lennie Arkinstall braves rough weather to keep tons of urban debris in the L.A. River from reaching the open ocean. December 27, 2008
When it rains, Lennie Arkinstall scrambles to stanch the outflow of urban debris churning along the Long Beach area’s swollen rivers and channels.

It’s a routine task for Arkinstall, who last week was out in blustery weather resetting yellow trash-catching booms used to corral tons of lawn clippings, toys, plastic bottles, sofas and tens of thousands of cigarette butts.

What a hero!

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Too Much Plastic Bottle Trash

During my short walk this morning, I picked up 9 plastic bottles in the Boone Trace and Lexington Point subdivisions. Most of the plastic bottles were on the Lexington Point playground. The trash can at the playground was virtually empty.

If you can’t recycle (and there is no reason why we can’t), please put the plastic bottles in a trash can. Plastic bottles left on the streets eventually wash into the storm drains which wash into the rivers which wash into the oceans that push the plastic into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch vortex. (Sorry for repeating this warning on my blog.) No one seems to get the message.

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Plastic Trash in Radnor Lake

I’ve mentioned many times that Radnor Lake is my most favorite place in the world. We go there a lot to reconnect with nature and with God. We visited yesterday morning for our spiritual renewal.

After the heavy overnight rain, the lake was very refreshing. We saw a doe with her fawn grazing along the trail around the lake. Unfortunately on the roadside of the lake, my husband pointed out this sad sight, a plastic water bottle floating in the duckweed.

Not only is the plastic bottle detrimental to the life in the lake, eventually the plastic bottle will wash away to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Two men are sailing to Hawaii on a boat made of junk through a pile of junk in this story. Their blog is at

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