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Cleaning the Creek?

BroomInCreek_1864Creek clean ups are one of my favorite activities. Keeping the water supply clean is important to me.

But Beech Creek in my neighborhood does not need cleaning with a broom. Why is there a broom in the creek?

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The Global Classroom Project (Measuring Rainfall)

Engum_schoolChildren from more than 15 countries are participating in a Danish research experiment.

Danfoss Universe launched a homepage with the results from a experiment involving measuring rainfall. During the last couple of days more than 2000 children from more than 15 countries and 50 schools have helped to conduct the research work. The children have monitored and measured the rainfall and will continue this throughout next week. The aim is to make children aware of the watercycle, curious about science and help them understand the environmental issues linked to the water cycle and the rainfall.

The registration is open so schools all over the world can join.

Read mora about the project at The Global Classroom Project at

I think it is a good project to involve children from all over the world in the same environmental project.

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More on Storm Drains

StormDrain_1701A few months ago, I pointed out the dangers of a contractor pouring dry wall spackle down a storm drain in front of my house. This storm drain is down the street from my house.

There are a cloth item, a plastic medicine bottle and grass clippings all poised to wash into the drain and into our water system.

Grass clippings, though organic, should not be dumped into storm drains. They may contain pesticides. Grass clippings are ideal for a compost pile. Try composting.

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Save the Bay by the City

For all of you who live in the San Francisco area, here is a great program to Save the Bay from trash. Go to to donate. The University of Phoenix will match your bucks up to $40,000.

San Francisco is one beautiful city.

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New Clean Up Opportunities

From the Tennessee Environmental Council:

River Restoration Project: Richland Creek-August 15

On Saturday August 15th, Tennessee Environmental Council and Richland Creek Watershed Association are partnering to stabilize an area of stream bank on Richland Creek.   From 9AM to 1PM we will be installing revetments (cedar timbers wrapped in coir matting) on to the eroded stream bank to prevent further deterioration of stream bank.  Please join us!

To sign-up as a volunteer, email by August 13.
River Clean-Up Project: Spring Hill-August 22

Join us for cleanup work at Campbell Station in Spring Hill from 9AM-1PM.   Prepare to get a little wet and muddy and to have a lot of fun.  Please wear work boots that can get wet, bring work gloves and water to drink.

Contact  Beau Hearing at (931) 384-0692 for more details and to sign up.

Since 1970 the Tennessee Environmental Council has been educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee’s environment, communities and public health. Please support our work by making a generous donation today at

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Newspaper Mush

mushypaper_1608This is what happens when the weekly shopper produced by the Tennessean is left in a driveway, then rained on and driven over a few times. No one wants these. Since it is too expensive to send in the mail (which used to happen), the newspapers are left in driveways. I pick up quite a few of them which have been abandoned each week.

Sometimes, the newspapers walk to road or storm drains. I try to recycle them before the enter the water stream.

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Not Again: Storm Drains are not Trash Cans

During my after dinner walk last night, I found dumped charcoal briquettes in a storm drain on Settlers’ Way in my subdivision. I turned in the location to the president of the board of the homeowners association.

I do not like ice cubes in my water. Why would I want charcoal briquettes in it?

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