New York City is a Trash Can

I read about New York City being litter bugged this morning.

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Mayoral Race in Nashville

On September 11, Nashville will elect a new mayor. Does it bother anyone else that we are voting for a mayor on September 11? If I remember correctly, New York City was holding an election on that day in 2001. I keep telling myself that Nashville isn’t New York City.

Here are the two candidates’ views on the environment: Karl Dean, then Bob Clement. Neither mention encouraging more recycling, but Dean does have more to say about the environment that I like. I voted for him in the primary, and will support him again on September 11.

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Since I Don’t Eat Fast Food, I Can’t Identify the Fast Food Trasher of the Day

All I can legibly read on these bags are FOOD KITCHEN and Enjoy Your Meal. Can someone tell me who this fast food vendor is? These bags were found behind Carmike Bellevue 8 Theatre in front of the dumpster, which isn’t full. Now why didn’t the consumer throw the trash into the empty dumpster? Can someone tell me that?


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Bellevue Beautification Project

Most of the photos on this blog (well all but one) have been taken in the Bellevue area. I was shocked to see this story in our morning newspaper about a Bellevue beautification project

It shows how irresponsible our local paper is by showing three city council candidates standing by a wall to make Bellevue beautiful. There are Don Johnson, Eric Crafton and Charlie Tygard all “showing beautification interest in their districts.” If these three candidates had just looked along Hwy 70S in front of them, they would have seen lots of litter, an empty lot and an empty mall. Mr. Tygard just lost my vote in the election tomorrow; Mr. Johnson didn’t have it anyway.

Bellevue is a beautiful place to live, but it is overrun with garbage. Maybe we should have called our blog,

Although the Bellevue signs are attractive, they are like putting “silk on a sow’s ear,” or in this case, putting silk on a sow’s butt. We need these guys to organize a trash pick up in Bellevue.  Forget the beautification wall.

I’m also considering canceling my subscription to the Tennessean.

Bellevue is naturally beautiful if we keep it clean. We have bigger issues than building stone walls. We have an empty mall, a movie theatre falling apart, empty buildings, no restaurants, etc. With Nashville West, Bellevue will become more of a ghost town, but at least the stone walls will let us know where we are.

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This is not just another wordpress blog. It’s our war against those who litter our planet. For those in Tennessee, here’s a column in today’s The Tennessean that tells you what to do when you see someone throwing a cigarette butt or a cola can out of a car window.

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