Candidate Signs

I read in The Tennessean today that the candidates have three weeks to remove their signs. I noticed this morning that Don Johnson has already removed his. I hope the other candidates follow his fine example. Why wait a couple of weeks?

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Back from Vacation

Planettrash has been on vacation the past week, plus we’ve been reading the latest Harry Potter book. We’re back from Chicago, which is an extremely clean city for the number of people who live and who visit there. The most disgusting thing we saw was a used diaper under a bench along Lake Michigan. We didn’t photograph it as we suspected that the litterer was sitting nearby. We were most impressed with the city parks and the numbers of planters with flowers along the main thoroughfares.
Later today, we’ll post some photos of recent trash found around our home city of Nashville.

LATER: Oops, no photos today.

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Lady Bird Johnson, Thanks

I’m old enough to remember Mrs. Johnson‘s efforts at the beautification of our roadways in the 60s. At the time, we made fun of the sometimes funny way she talked, as “Plant a boo-sh.” Mrs. Johnson, I’ve planted many shrubs (as I try to use the word “Bush” as little as possible) during my life. I enjoy planting trees, flowers and other greenery and watching them grow making the world a little prettier in my little corner.

While the junkyards are mostly gone from roadways, I know where one is along a stretch of McCrory Lane in Tennessee.

Lady Bird Johnson


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