One Cool Letter on Litter

I love this letter published in the Irish Times:

Madam, – If I were a tourist I would feel extremely uncomfortable eating out in a country which is populated by a people so lacking in (environmental) hygiene that they leave their cities, towns and highways strewn with litter on a scale that is nothing short of astonishing.

The extent of this problem is massive and seems to suggest, that as a race we are largely litter-blind. Half-hearted poster campaigns by local authorities are so inadequate as to be virtually useless. Surely a small percentage of the combined financial resources of the nation’s city and county councils could be harnessed to create an imaginative TV advertising campaign? This, combined with support from primary school teachers, would very likely have an immediate, beneficial effect on the problem.

Is it not time the people charged with the responsibility of dealing with this issue, and who are being handsomely paid to address it, apply themselves to the task? If we can’t solve the “small stuff” how are we to overcome the much more difficult issues that confront us? – Yours, etc,


Kettle’s Lane.

Kinsealy, Co Dublin.


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