Great American Clean Up Week One

BagOTrash_1993When I first became active in the Great American Clean Ups three years ago, I learned that not everyone is as enthusiastic about cleaning up someone else’s mess as I am. I’ve made a goal to clean up Newsome Station Road near my home during the next three months whether anyone helps me or not. Today I picked up 70 cans and plastic bottles off the side of the road.

Trash_1995I filled one garbage bag and accomplished this in less than 30 minutes. The bag weighed over 20 pounds.

Let me know if you would like to join me in the pick ups. I’ll probably do an hour a week — maybe more hours if I get some help. I can supply garbage bags and gloves.

For more information on the Great American Clean Up, contact Keep America Beautiful.


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    marne duke said,

    Barb, I’d love to come help you clean up one day. Maybe one on Thursday I can pick up Conor early and we can go in late afternoon. I’ve noticed with the start up of construction in Riverwalk, there is a lot of trash around.
    Shoot me an email if Thursday. It would be good to catch up with you.

  2. 3

    cristele said,

    It’s great you are doing it! And if no one joins you on your journey, be aware that other people do it on their own too…this guy started on his own as a teenager (or young adult) and I read a blog of another guy who just grabs a back of wild trash each time he goes back from a hike…and people have started to pick up trashes as well…

  3. 5

    David said,

    Hi we are trying to clean up Venice. 20 million tourists leave an estimated 13 million bottles each year. There are public drinking fountains but these are ignored by tourists. Please follow the link and support our campaign

    David time for tap campaign

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