Recycle or Else!

Here is a story from Hampton, NH, where recycling has become mandatory. I love it.
February 10, 2010 2:00 AM

HAMPTON — Selectmen were bombarded with complaints this week from numerous residents who were furious their trash was not picked up by the town.

Public Works Director John Price told the board Monday night some residents’ trash was not picked up because they were not in compliance with town’s mandatory recycling bylaw.

“A third of the people in town were not in compliance,” said Price, who noted town employees left trash in violation on the side of the road, marked with orange stickers.

“If we are going to be strict about mandatory recycling, then we are going to have to go through a tough period until everyone is educated.”

Selectmen agreed with Price that it’s time to get tough on mandatory recycling.

The board voted in August to implement mandatory recycling over a three-month period. It started with glass bottles in October, then aluminum/tin food cans and, finally, cardboard and paper in December. While mandatory recycling has been in effect since December, Price said the town recently instructed crews to start strictly enforcing the bylaw.


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  1. 1

    victoria said,

    isn’t New Hampshire’s motto “Live Free or Die?” 🙂
    I’m glad though that they are making this “Recycle, or you live with your trash!”

  2. 2

    Mary said,

    Hey there, what an interesting story, hope those folks get that straightened out. I work at a reuse warehouse called Rebuilders Source in the south Bronx that sells recycled building materials and it kind of annoys me when people dont pay attention to how they dispose their trash. We as humans have to start taking better care of the place we live in.

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