Rewards for Recycling

This should not be necessary for doing the right thing, recycling, but here is a great idea from Atlanta, as reported on

Beginning this week, the city of Atlanta is testing a recycling program that rewards people for recycling.

“We could sign up on a website to receive reward points for discounts on things that we buy,” said recycling program participant Sarah Hankamer.

This pilot program is called R.E.C.A.R.T.: REwards for Collecting All Recyclables Together.

Residents in selected Atlanta neighborhoods put all their recyclables in special blue bins. City recycling trucks scan the identification button on each bin and weigh the materials. Points are assigned to each participating address based on weight.
Residents log on or call toll free to collect their bonus points.

“They can just sort of shop online or call us toll free,” said Lisa Pomerantz of RecycleBank, “For anything from groceries, pharmacy, movie tickets, restaurants to massages and eco travel.”

Rewards recyclers can also redeem their discount coupons at shops and stores locally.

“More than 40 to 50 percent of the rewards are redemmed locally,” Pomerantz said. “So that means we’re stimulating local economy.”

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