Save and reuse; what you can do with shredded paper

This is a great story. I have put some shredded paper in my compost bin, but I was not sure that it was acceptable. It is. I’m not sure about using it for cat litter. I have had no luck with green cat litter, but it is worth a try.

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Reported by: Sara Noel
Last Update: 11/03 10:53 am

Paper is often wasted. Maybe you use both sides of a sheet of paper, use the backs of your mail envelopes for grocery lists or reuse newspaper to wrap gifts. All are good ways to waste less paper. Many households put their mail and paper through a shredder to protect against identity theft or to follow state and federal laws. An average home can accumulate quite a bit. In some areas, it’s not accepted in curbside recycling. So what do you do with the shredded paper?

Here are a few suggestions.

COMPOST: Avoid glossy paper, but the rest can be mixed into your compost pile and used in your garden. Birds will use some for building their nests, too. One reader, Meg in Missouri, shares: “I use it for bedding in my worm composter. I put it in the compost pile. And my husband brings home HUGE bags of shredded checks from work. I mulch my tomatoes, and it works great.”

PETS: You can use it as kitty litter (especially helpful after your kitty has any type of surgery). You can simply add the shredded paper into the litter box or make litter that’s more like pebbles by soaking the shredded paper in warm water with a couple of squirts of dish soap, sprinkling in some baking soda, squeezing out the water and crumbling onto a screen to dry. Visit for complete instructions. It seems like a lot of work, but it takes only about 45 minutes for two to three weeks worth of litter. You can use shredded paper for hamster or guinea-pig bedding, nesting material for hens or in a whelping box for dogs. Use it to stuff a pillow to make a pet bed. Call your local pet-rescue center/humane society and see if they want any for their animals, too.

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