2009 Great American Clean Up Stats

Here are the stats for the 2009 Great American Clean Up sponsored by Keep America Beautiful:

During the spring and summer of 2009, more than 3 million volunteers toiled for 5.2 million hours with the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful during the 2009 Great American Cleanup. It was an astounding 30,000 events across 32,000 locations:

§ 64 million pounds of litter and debris were removed from public lands and rights-of-way, including 95,000 acres of parks and public lands, nearly 9,000 miles of rivers, lakes and shorelines, over 10,000 acres of wetlands, and 7,800 miles of hiking, biking and nature trails

§ 4,750 illegal dumpsites were remediated.

§ More than 243 million plastic (PET) bottles were collected for recycling, many through school-based programs

§ More than 6.9 million pounds of electronics were collected for recycling

§ Volunteers kept 14.5 million pounds of aluminum and steel out of landfills through their collection efforts

§ 870,000 tires were collected for recycling.

§ 36 million pounds of newspaper were collected for recycling.

§ 2.3 million flowers and bulbs were planted

What would happen if 3 million volunteers didn’t have the tools and motivation to make their hometown a better place? What if they didn’t spend 5.2 million volunteer hours, sweat, grit and elbow grease? Would our communities magically flourish with a cleaner environment, civic pride and enhanced natural beauty?

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