UK Ford drivers most likely to throw litter

This is an interesting story from the UK. I have surveyed fast food litter in the United States. I found that more McDonald trash is found on the sides of the roadways than any other brand. The same was found to be true in the UK in a separate study.

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London, October 5 (ANI): People behind the wheels of Ford are most likely to throw litter from their vehicles in the UK, suggests a survey.

Keep Britain Tidy found over 1,000 instances of people, especially those in the South East, creating litter from a Ford followed by just over 300 sightings from a BMW.

Phil Barton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, thinks that littering from a car should be treated as a motoring offence.

“Car littering is disgusting, detrimental to the environment and dangerous,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“Through campaigning on this issue, we now have information that is valuable and important to our goal of influencing the law makers and the manufacturers to make a positive change towards ending this problem,” he added. (ANI)

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