Georgia Cleans Up Their Trash

I had reported the mess that Georgia tailgaters left after their first home game. I’m glad that they are quick learners. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

UGA fans clean up their act
“Almost the entire campus was much, much improved”

By Lori Johnston
For the AJC

Tailgaters appeared to clean up their act before and after Georgia’s win over Arizona State Saturday night, leaving bags of trash and smaller amounts of litter on the ground compared to the devastation seen after the home opener.

“Almost the entire campus was much, much improved,” said George Stafford, associate vice president for auxiliary and administrative services.

The university will not know how much trash was collected until early this week, he said.

Stafford said the North Campus area between the library and Old Campus building, which was filled with fans prior to the game, still had a “good amount of debris.”

He attributes that to pre-game storms and fans staying to wait out the rain.

Before the game, tailgaters used trash bags and garbage containers provided by the university, with many bringing their own plastic bags. Signs on historic North Campus, a favorite pre-game spot, pointed fans to dumpsters, trucks and recycling areas.


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