Green Art

Recently I received this email from an artist who uses beeswax and natural paper in his artwork. I recommend visiting his site:

My recent paintings deal with an energy pattern that appears symbolically as Kundalini, Cadeuceus, DNA, infinity, etc. as ∞, variously, in many cultures. It represents that all things are interconnected as a whole.

Written in the Isha Upanishad of 4th to 3rd BC India;
“That is whole, this is whole,
From the whole, the whole arises,
When the whole is taken from the whole
The whole still will remain.”

I believe that nature calls to each of us to step out of ourselves and into it, to identify and revel within it, amid the waves. Doing this can transform our awareness into an energy greater than our own understanding.

With the materials and the imagery in my painting I am attempting to maintain an equilibrium with the wave patterns in a sustainable way.

Knowing that:
– most paintings/paints are composed of toxic chemicals, petro-oils, plastics and heavy metals along with preservatives and fungicides like formaldehyde
– most paintings/paints also produce off gases that increase the toxicity of the environment in which they are manufactured and displayed.
– present labeling of art materials as non-toxic is solely regulated by self interested fine art paint industry representatives.

Please take a few moments to visit my website gallery The medium I use is beeswax (a sustainable) and pigments carefully selected for their non toxic characteristics. They are “food container safe”. The papers I am using are sustainably harvested plant based materials or recycled cotton fabric. More in depth writing on toxins in the visual arts can be found on my website at

Thanks for considering my invitation to visit my website gallery: and for choosing to use your energies to create healthy environments.


Greg Patch


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    Amazing idea. It’s funny how the artists of the world make all the cool innovations…

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