Family pet injured by playground litter

Most of the time, I educate folks about how litter hurts our planet. Here is an example of the the dangers of litter to pets. A dog cut its paw on broken glass. Luckily the owner was around to take the animal to the vet. Luckily her children were not injured by the litter.

I cut myself on a metal real estate sign once when I was picking up roadside litter. I had to spend an hour or more getting a tetanus shot at my expense.

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Charlotte Cross 11 August 2009

A BROMSGROVE mother has spoken out about the state of The Oakalls children’s play area after their family pet was injured by broken glass in the grass.

Nikki Taylor was playing on the park with her ten-year-old daughter Aimee and their five-year-old Staffie, Penny, were playing ball on the grass when Penny trod on some glass which sliced into the pad of her paw, actually shaving part of it off.

Nikki said: “We had to carry her to the car and drive her straight to the vets as she was limping and bleeding profusely.

“I am concerned, as the kids play ball games on that grass area – often falling over and sliding around, and there are also lots of dogs that are walked there.

“It was a very upsetting, not to mention expensive, dog walk.”

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