Is This True?

A reader wrote me the following email:

I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for a while now, and after recently seeing an article on Texas wind power I felt it may be pertinent to share a site I recently came across, and which has just launched, has gained great momentum with thousands in my area and which could make for an interesting and popular news article.

I’m sure you remember the site known as “Black Google” which claims that by displaying a black rather than a white screen when searching, a user can save an amount of energy. Indeed, I had been using that engine for a while for that reason. Well it turns out, according to a study conducted on Techlogg (can find link on Solargle site) of 27 monitors, that displaying a black screen will in fact INCREASE energy consumption on most monitors, specifically LCDs 22 inches or smaller. With LCD market penetration supposedly beyond 75%, that would apply to the majority of internet users.

Since then I have been using a Google powered search engine I came across on Reddit that is 130% wind powered and offers both shade versions of the site to cater to users depending on their monitor. In doing so there is a 2- tiered approach to energy savings, and regardless of whether or not the colour science is solid at least the energy used will be 130% eco friendly. The site is quite self explanatory, so I’ve included the entry on the blog for you below. I was happy to note that search results were identical to those on Google, although I do think the site is a bit… green?

Keep up the good work with your blog!



The primary aim of Solargle is the saving of energy as you use Google search. Solargle is 130% Wind Powered, which means that the site’s host has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool the server from which Solargle is presented. In this way we not only neautralize our environmental imapct, but indeed reverse it by providing back into the main grid an amount of eco-friendly energy 1.3x larger than that which was used.

A study on the popular tech news site has shown that different monitors respond differently in terms of energy usage to the colour predominantly displayed on the screen – namely black or white.

Broadly, to save energy:

A predominantly black screen, such as Solargle Black ( ) should be used in cases where the user has a CRT (bulky) monitor, or an LCD monitor that is 24 inches or larger.

A predominantly white screen, such as Solargle White ( ) should be used in cases where the user has an LCD screen 22 inches or smaller.

With LCD market penetration beyond 75% worldwide, we felt it essential to launch a search engine such as Solargle White that would cater for the above monitor types, increasing energy savings whilst searching, while still benefiting the environment through the Solargle wind powered concept.

By choosing the correct version for your monitor, you will achieve the same search results you would usually while taking a two-tiered approach to energy saving. In aggregate, that makes a difference.

– Solargle

I thought that the Black Google screen was just to celebrate Earth Hour.

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    alang said,

    ya its true… thought the blackle reveal was old news, but solargle looks interesting.

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