Human foot found among Toronto trash

I participate in a lot of roadside trash pickups. I have always had a fear of finding a part of a body ever since I watched David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. I’m upset when I find dead animals.

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Human foot found among Toronto trash

Updated: Tue Aug. 04 2009 11:01:18 AM

A human foot has been found among mounds of trash brought to Buffalo from a transfer station in Toronto.

Toronto police received a call from authorities in the U.S. informing them of the discovery at about 9:15 p.m. on Monday.

The foot was found by an employee of the Buffalo transfer station while he was sorting recyclable materials on a conveyor belt. It is unknown if the foot belongs to a man or a woman.

The transfer station is located in the Seneca region of Buffalo. Toronto police spokesperson Const. Tony Vella said police in Seneca are going through the trash at the facility while police in Toronto’s 22 Division are are searching a transfer station in the city’s west end.

He would not specify which transfer station is being investigated.

Vella told  it is “unclear at this time” when the Toronto waste was transferred to Buffalo.

Toronto went without garbage collection for five weeks because of a civic strike.

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