Give Feedback to the TVA

This is from the Tennessee Environmental Council:


Are you unhappy with TVA’s Policies and direction?  Now’s your chance to tell them where to go!  TVA is requesting comments from you about how they can help build a sustainable future and meet the Tennessee Valley’s energy needs in the next 20 years.

Through August 14th, TVA is seeking comments from the public on the scope of its resource planning process.

Your comments can play an important part of framing the debate on TVA’s future!  We need to tell them to turn to aggressive energy efficiency and conservation measures instead of building more coal and nuclear plants.  We need to tell them to get serious about developing truly renewable energy sources.  Finally, we need to plant the seed of the idea and push TVA to begin working toward a carbon-free, nuclear-free future as a long-term goal and commitment.

As a federally owned corporation charged with protecting the environment while helping foster a healthy economic climate, TVA is uniquely positioned to lead the way to that brighter future.  Unfortunately, as we have seen, they have been doing quite the opposite.

Comments may submitted in person at one of the scoping sessions being held throughout the TVA service area, by fax or by e-mail.  For further information go to:

For further information on energy policy in the Tennessee Valley go to:


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    charming post. due one detail where I contest with it. I am emailing you in detail.

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