Walmart evicts Metro recycling bins

I heard that Walmart removed these public recycling bins because one contained crystal meth. Too much liability for the giant retailer.


    PROBLEM: A green reader is seeing red.

    He loaded up recyclables to take them to the Metro drop-off site in the parking area at the Walmart on Edmondson Pike.

    But when he arrived, the bins for cardboard, glass and other materials were gone.

    ACTION: The recycling area has been removed from the Walmart at 5531 Edmondson Pike. And the recycling drop-off site at a Walmart Supercenter at 7044 Charlotte Pike will have to be removed by the end of July.

    It is the result of a corporate decision by Walmart, reportedly because of liability concerns, says Gwen Hopkins-Glascock of Metro’s Department of Public Works. The local store managers have been great supporters of Metro and other community recycling efforts, she said.

    A spokeswoman for Walmart’s corporate offices said: “One of Walmart’s overall sustainability goals is to create zero waste, and we have a robust recycling program for waste generated by our stores, clubs and operations. Unfortunately, unattended drop-off containers in our parking lots are often used by people to drop off non-recyclable items, which can be hazardous. For the safety of our customers and associates, a dedicated recycling facility offers a better option for returning items for recycling.”

    Public Works is looking for alternate locations for both and welcomes any offers from a property owner with space, such as shopping areas or schools.

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