Stay Hydrated, but Do Not Litter

PlasticBottle_1013I first noticed it last summer during my daily walks: more plastic water bottles and soda cans on the residential streets in my suburban subdivision. These are not drive-by litter. I assume that the bottles and cans are being tossed in the street by out of school youth playing in the summer heat.

Growing up during the late 50s and 60s, I had to come inside for Kool-Aid or water from a glass. When I bought a soda from a gas station cooler, it was glass and returned for a deposit. I do not long for those days, but I am tired of picking up discarded water and soda bottles/cans in my neighborhood. Recycle them. Reuse them.


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    Tomas Bosque said,

    Great ideas! We too are trying to spread the message about the harmful effects plastic bottles have on our environment. Keep up the great posts!

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