Mill Creek Clean Up

I participated for a short while at the Mill Creek Clean Up this morning.  Thanks to Daniel Boone and all who organize these clean ups regularly. Amy Pinkston, volunteer director at the Nashville Zoo, encouraged me to attend.

A microwave oven was pulled out of the creek bed. We could not budge an automobile car seat (as in back seat, not baby seat). I dug one wheel of a Big Toy Truck out of the mud, but the other one was impossible to move. Since I got there fairly late, I just saw spiders. Earlier folks saw some fish, crayfish, etc. No water snakes were sighted. I was hoping to see some up close.


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    Bill Thayer said,

    Where is this Mill Creek? I’m guessing in Tennessee because of the mention of Nashville — but am hoping it’s the one just across the border near Harlan, KY?

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      Mill Creek is in the southeastern part of Davidson County (Nashville) Tennessee. I’m not sure if it runs near Harland, KY. Thanks for reading.

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        Bill Thayer said,

        Thanks! As it turns out I’m building some webpages on Nashville too — mostly her churches, but also the Capitol and the Parthenon — which I visited not so long ago; but among the (many!) Mill Creeks named after mills run by water power on them in pioneer days, “mine” is about 2 miles N of the Tennessee border, with a cemetery so strange that I was hoping you’d be a source of further information… Thanx for getting back to me though —

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