Digital TV Conversion: TV Makers Not Ready for Electronics Recycl

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Anshu Shrivastava The digital TV conversion occurring on June 12 will result in increased e-waste that requires a proper disposal, according to a report published by Electronics TakeBack Coalition.   However, most of the TV manufacturers, including market leader Vizio, have no plans to offer electronics recycling program, says the report, titled “TV Company Recycling Report Card.”   “With the upcoming digital TV conversion looming before us, many people don’t know where to take their old TVs,” said Barbara Kyle, national coordinator at Electronics TakeBack Coalition.   She added that there are some responsible manufactures and retailers who offer takeback programs, but unfortunately not all – including market leader Vizio.   As per a Display Search report, Vizio was the second largest seller of flat panel TVs in the first quarter of 2009, behind Samsung (NewsAlert). “Vizio flat out flunks – they’re a top seller of flat panel TVs in the US who has no take back program,” said Kyle.   She said that Vizio is seeing tremendous growth even during these economic times. However, they lag far behind their competitors when it comes to taking responsibility for recycling their old products.

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