‘Green’ homes sprout in Nashville market

This is great news for our area. I’m glad to see affordable builders as Fox Ridge and Jones accept this responsibility.

By Naomi Snyder • THE TENNESSEAN • May 26, 2009

For years, it’s been nearly impossible to find a home for sale in Nashville certified as “green” by any of the major environmental programs in the nation. But that’s changing.

Local real estate agents have added a capability to their multiple listing service that will let agents search for homes by various green features, from tankless water heaters to certifications such as Energy Star, a Department of Energy program to inspect and certify homes that are 20 percent to 30 percent more energy efficient than average.

Builders with some of Middle Tennessee highest volumes, such as Fox Ridge Homes and The Jones Co. of Tennessee, have begun building Energy Star-certified homes, expanding the inventory of such homes.

But the green features, which can add 10 percent or more to a home price, can be a tough sell to the average consumer. Agents say builders seem more interested in environmentally friendly homes than do many homebuyers.

Many people would rather have a sunroom than a solar water heater, even if they know what one is.

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