No Toilet Paper. No Impact Man.

Here’s a link to an article about No Impact Man who quit using toilet paper for a year. While we have given up paper towels and paper napkins, we still use toilet paper. I try to be a conservative user, but the husband likes a handful of the stuff. We use Scott, which I need to explore as to its environmental friendliness. I have used the recycled stuff and may go back to using it. Folks used to chuckle when I told them that I was using recycled toilet paper. I mean, it’s toilet paper made from recycled paper. Not toilet paper previously used. Is it?

When I was a younger woman, a fellow environmentalist told me of reusable feminine products. I balked at that idea, too. No way would I wash those things out. Nature has taken its course of my usage of those products. So, I’m down to the toilet paper.

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    glen said,

    Im actually surprised we still use toilet paper. After living in South East Asia for some time and using the infamous “bum gun” which some countries have attached to the walls, i started to wander why this never caught on in the western world. These devices are far superior to toilet paper in every way. They are not only more hygienic and efficient but they are of course eco friendly. Thanks

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