Mary Kay Collects Over 200,000 Compacts to Recycle

By GreenerDesign Staff
Published May 7, 2009

DALLAS, Texas — In June 2008, Mary Kay launched a new compact with a refill system to cut down on the number of compacts customers use, at the same time inviting customers to send in their used compacts to be recycled.

Aiming to collect at least 200,000 compacts, and pledging to plant a tree in Montana’s Bitterroot National Forest for each one collected, Mary Kay exceeded its goal in less than a year.

Mary Kay is continuing its compact recycling program through July, and customers can turn in compacts to be recycled by contacting a Mary Kay consultant. The Dallas-based Citizens Development Center is assisting the effort by breaking down all the compacts.

The company chose to plant trees in Bitterroot National Forest because the U.S. Forest Service identified it, the largest expanse of wilderness in the United States, as in need of replanting. The 200,000 new trees, planted in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, will provide habitat for animals, clean the air and prevent soil erosion.

Although I do not use their products, I appreciate Mary Kay Cosmetics taking this step.

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    retrohousewifegoesgreen said,

    That’s great!! I hope the next step will be to re-think the ingredients they use. 🙂

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