I Remember the First Earth Day

On April 22, 1970, I was a senior in high school sitting in an advanced English class, when a fellow student suggested that we discuss Earth Day. I do not remember participating in the conversation.

I was merely in my own little world waiting to graduate and go to college to escape the suffication of a small southern town. I did not belong among those who still celebrated the Pride of the South, the seccession of the union over 100 years earlier. I just knew that there was a better world waiting for me somewhere else.

I do remember the class “discussing the future.” While I was never an overconsuming trashaholic, Earth Day slowly gained importance for me, after I graduated college and entered the real world. I adopted its principles without much thought. It just seemed the right thing to do.

Now, Earth Day is important to me. I try to spend time at a favorite spot such as Radnor Lake or Edwin Warner Park. Today, I’m going to plant some coneflower seeds that I received at an Earth Day Celebration last Saturday. Adding a spot of greenery to the world seems to be the best course of action today.

Other ways to celebrate Earth Day are to carry your mug to your favorite coffee shop or carry your own bottled water in a reusable container.

It’s the least each of us can do, and it will make an impact.

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