Al Gore, Earth Hour and Nashville

Apparently, Al Gore left some security lights on during Earth Hour and some stalker redneck drove by and is harassing him:

We were away from home during Earth Hour and left two lights on in the house for the dog. He had had two seizures during the week, and we felt more secure with him home alone in some light. Probably he would not have know the difference.

The whole concept of Earth Hour is to get folks aware of the amount of energy we use all the time. I stated on my Facebook page today that I celebrate Earth Hour all the time. I use the minimum amount of light and energy. You can ask my husband about the controls on the heating and cooling. I control them and put them where the least amount of energy is used to insure our comfort.

We were in downtown Nashville during Earth Hour. Security lights were on in all the buildings. Street lights and traffic lights continued to operate as normal. The intent of Earth Hour is not to cause chaos or emergencies.

Get over it. Go turn out a light.

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