Nashville Arbor Day Celebration

tree-green1I had the honor today of participating in my first Nashville Arbor Day Celebration as chair of the Metro Beautification Environment Commission. I thought that I was just an attendee, but I was seated on the stage with the mayor and other local community leaders. I felt like Kramer from Seinfeld as I was underdressed for the occasion and did not think I merited the honor .

Nashville is an official Tree City USA and there is lots of civic involvement to maintain our urban forests. We have an excellent group called the Metro Tree Advisory Committee watching over our trees.

Three local students read their winning essays on their favorite trees. I was most impressed that the children associated their favorite tree with their grandmother. As a child, one of my favorite trees was a weeping willow in our neighbor’s yard. I used to love to play under the tree and pretend that I lived under the branches. I also like tulip poplar trees and planted a tiny one in the yard last year.

My favorite tree is the redbud which is currently in bloom. I do not have a redbud in my yard, but there are many wild ones around my neighborhood.

Please honor, remember or plant a tree for someone this spring.


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