Another Reason Not to Litter

deerThis image of a deer with a jack-o-lantern was published in the Tennessean (Nashville) this morning. Fortunately, the deer was noticed by people who reported it to the game warden. The wildlife officials were able to remove the jack-o-lantern from the young deer, who returned to the wild.

Wildlife spokesmen believed that the deer was trying to drink water from an abandoned jack-o-lantern and was trapped inside the plastic pumpkin.

During the Great American Clean Up, I have been posting images of litter that can be harmful to wildlife. Please protect the animals.

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    Carrick said,

    You know, I’d never thought littering was much more than an urban annoyance until I read about the plastic vortex in the Pacific, so today I went down to the local river to pick up trash–which heaps up in abundance there, and I was blown away by how much there was. I just kept thinking, who are these people that are just chucking stuff on the ground?

    Poor deer. After picking up what seemed like a hundred trash bags, I couldn’t help but hope I’d saved a hundred sea turtles…

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