Rain Barrel Workshops

Blogging about litter and environmental concerns has led me to many different groups concerned with different environmental issues. Unemployment has done the same thing for me. A group who I have recently been exposed to is Cumberland River Compact. Over the past two years, I have met environmentalists, who talk about their rain barrels. I laugh inside because we sometimes have periods of draught in the summers here. Anyway, I’m going to explore the world of rain barrels. Why don’t you join me?

Here’s the information:

The [Cumberland River] Compact’s Project Blue Streams will be hosting Rain Barrel Workshops at several locations in 2009.

All you have to do is sign up and join the over 1500 Nashvillians who have already participated in the workshop and enhanced their yard with a rain barrel.

There are so many benefits to installing a rain barrel in your yard – let the Compact give you a hand this Spring!

Simple installation with helpful hints from the Compact

Your lawn and vegetable garden will love the rain wat

You are helping your watershed and environment

Compact rain barrels are a great value and more affordable than any other purchasing outlet

Reduce your water bill

Upcoming Rain Barrel Workshops:
April 11 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, 10 am
April 14 at Strafford High
April 21 at Strafford High
April 30 at Warner Park Nature Center, 6:30 pm
May 9 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, 10 am
May 15 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, Noon
June 6 at Shelby Nature Center in conjunction with the Catfish Rodeo and Water Festival, 10 am
July 11 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, 10 am
August 15 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, 10 am

See a date you like?  Call 862-8539 to register!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Jim said,

    Please tell me there are some workshops scheduled for 2010!?!

  2. 3

    Jim said,

    I was told that its on the 12th of June. I called and registered for it last month. Is this still a valid date?

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