Why Don't People Pick Up After Themselves?

plasticrings_1408I could not believe the amount of litter I found today during my long run. Starting out, I found a group of condoms (I think unused. I did not get close enough to check.). Apparently a neighborhood teen has discovered condoms. I hope he or she knows how to use them if necessary.

Later, I found these plastic rings and picked them up on my return trip home. Plastic rings are very dangerous to wildlife.

As I was running along the Harpeth River, I followed a soccer ball floating in the middle of the river. From a distance, it appeared to be a nice one.

Unfortunately, these are not the only pieces of litter I saw on my eight-mile run. There were the usual cigarette butts, plastic bottles and plastic bags. Did I say that I was running through nice middle and upper middle class neighborhoods?


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