More Odd Stuff Found During Great American Clean Up

stayput_1406I found this Goody StayPut today hanging from a tree on the Riverwalk Greenway during my run. I removed it to dispose of properly. It’s the Great American Clean Up, and we just do not need to put more trash into the environment. There was a plastic bag of dog poop close by the tree. Thanks for bagging, but please remove it next time.

The Goody StayPut is now in the trash can. My hair is too short to use it. The bag of dog poop? I’m sure it’s still sitting by the trail. I had two more miles to run before I got to a trash can. I may run with beer bottles and soda cans in my hands, but I refuse to run with a bag of dog poop, although I often walk with such a bag when I walk my dog.


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