Needles litter sand

Cait Bester | 5th March 2009

    RAY Rogers walks along Town Beach every afternoon but instead of picking up shells, he is collecting needles.

    And for every needle he picks up, he is worried there are others he will miss.

    Mr Rogers has been finding used needles and sharps containers at Town Beach on his 6km afternoon walk.

    “If I’m picking up needles then it means there could be a lot more out there. I am worried for the kids that use the beach and what disease they could get from these needles if they stepped on one,” he said.

    “It’s a disgrace when it’s such a beautiful beach and young people use it.”

    This is hazardous waste at its worst. Please dispose of medical waste properly.

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      This makes me dispair, how hard is it to dispose of medical waste properly? If not the for environment, then for people’s safety?

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