Balloons Are Dangerous to the Environment

Balloons Are Dangerous to the Environment

Since we are in the months of the Great American Clean Up, I’m highlighting each day something that I find on the streets as litter. Although I have loved balloons all my life, I do not like to find them in the environment.

Balloons are dangerous to wildlife who might ingest them. If I had not picked this balloon up off the street, it would have washed into the storm drain heading for the river and eventually the oceans. If an animal did not consume it on its journey, it would have wound up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Please remember to remove balloons when they are used outside for birthday parties or open houses.

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    Wow – I never thought of balloons that way before! But you are right they are a danger to animals. i will be sure to make sure mine are disposed of correctly at the next birthday!

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    Stacey said,

    I am a balloon artist and heavily promote the responsible use of balloons. They should never be left outside and I don’t think the ‘mylar’ ones should ever be USED outside.

    I have been trying to find ways to recycle balloons. I compost latex scraps that are too small to use again – or I shred them for stuffing in other craft projects. Old foil balloons can be reused in several ways. You can trun them into strips and crochet or knit them into something. I have laminated them and turned them into purses and have given them to artists for use in projects.

    Balloons are fun – and I love my job. My hope is that people will use some responsibility when enjoying them.

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    Anthony said,

    I also agree that balloons should be used responsibly, however, facts are facts…ironically, you’re saving rain forests in ecologically sensitive areas by buying balloons, since rubber trees are harvested much like maple trees, and instead of clear cutting millions of these trees, we tap them , thus giving third world farmers an alternative to deforesting their land and grazing cattle. See more at

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    Liz said,

    I am looking for pictures of balloon trash as I am writing a unit on sustainability and wish to produce a power point presentaton around the actions of one girl in Australia that made a difference.

    In short, Bethany Henderson managed to change the law in New South Wales, prior to the Sydney 2000 olympics. Apparently there was going to be a mass balloon release to celebrate the opening of the olympics, however due to the efforts of Bethany (11 years old at the time) the release did not occur and a law was passed to prevent mass balloon releases for future events.

    As I researched this topic, most of my information was found from ‘Ebsco’.

    I would like to refer the students to this blog for further reference.


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