Pick It Up Off the Streets

Green Bracelet

Green Bracelet

uploaded by Barbara Mathieson

Since today is the first day of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Clean Up, I decided to pick up at least one piece of trash that I find each day until the final day on May 31.

As I was running this morning, I spotted a green band in the middle of the street. You know, kind of band Lance Armstrong started a few years back with the Livestrong bracelet. Since this one was green, I assumed that it would have a green message. I could wear it throughout the Great American Clean Up as a reminder, although I do not need a reminder to keep my planet clean. I drank that Kool-Aid many years ago.

I circled back to pick up the green band, which was too small for my hand. The band was way too small for me. My first thought was that it was for a child, so I read the message on the bracelet as I continued running. Evslives I read. What? I stopped to examine the bracelet closely. It read, “Elvis Lives.”

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