Bags of Trash?

baggedmulch_1376When I first started my blog, The Earth Is Not a Trash Can, I showcased primarily the trash I found in my environment. Over the past year, I’ve moved away from showing found trash to blogging about what to do about found trash and encouraging folks not to litter.

Today, I’m highlighting some found trash. This photo of bagged organic materials really bothers me. If the bags contain what they appear to contain (leaves, mulch, etc.), the materials could have been used in a compost pile. Now the organic materials are encased in plastic in an area clearly marked with a No Littering sign.

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    How sad this is! I really think that people don’t realize how easy a compost pile is to maintain. Prior to my family starting one (we got my dad a bin last year), he was very concerned about the amount of work and odor. Now that he has been composting he knows both of those concerns are false…

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